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How to save on heating?

Winter is coming and our dream is to go back to a warm apartment or house. Below are a few tips that will effectively help you save on heating!


  1. Reduce the temperature!
    It is important not to overheat our apartment / house. Please note, that this is unhealthy! Our body to a sense of comfort requires only 20 degrees Celsius and at night even a few degrees less (about 18 degrees Celsius). Reducing the temperature by 1 degree Celsius results in a saving of 5-6 percent!


  1. Not every room in our house has to be heated at the same level!
    The logical solution is to maintain a higher temperature there, where you often spend time (eg. living room), and reduce temperature there, where you spend less time (eg. corridor).


  1. Do not block radiators!
    Radiators heat the room by the flowing warm air, so if we cover them (eg. by towel, which we want to dry), we block the way by which air flows out.


  1. Use curtains and drapes!
    Decorating your window with curtains and drapes significantly improves insulation and thus retain more heat in the rooms.
  1. Make sure that the windows and doors are airtight!
    We recommend to invest in a very accessible and affordable seals that effectively and sufficiently insulate our room from the outside cold – remember that the cost of seals very quickly pay for itself by saving warm.


  1. Curb the use of hoods and electric fans!
    Hoods and fans take not only unwanted by us air, but also that which we need – warm. We are not aware of it, but it can significantly cool the room.


  1. Make sure the furnace is good and there are no faults!
    Control of the furnace is very important and it is worth remembering that if the furnace has some small glitches then really none of the above tips do not help us in saving on heating…


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