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Apartamenty Murano – peace and comfort of the City Centre.

Murano Apartments is an extraordinary investment in the most beautiful part of Warsaw – the boundary of Downtown and Zoliborz district. Name of the investment has its historical origins – we owe that for Baroque palace Murano, built in the seventeenth century. Flats in this investment are distinguished by a high standard of quality and practicality. The building is equipped with the most modern multimedia infrastructure. In addition, developer also ensured the safety of residents – the building has installed advanced videophones system with an alarm function. Major advantage of apartments on the top floors are very spacious, heated terraces and the view from the windows looks impressive in the day but also at night.

Residents of investments have access to the beautiful garden with stream and fountains, and three playgrounds. The surrounding infrastructure is highly developed, outside the settlement, but also on the ground floor of the building, we find a hairdresser, beauty salon, SPA, medical centers, numerous commercial points, etc.

Apartment in Murano Apartments is the perfect place for those seeking a moment of peace and possibility to relax with the loved ones.

Name: Apartamenty Murano
Location: 2 Pokorna Street
Investor: Budimex Nieruchomości