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Loco is a high-class real estate specialist.

Loco is a high-class real estate specialist.

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LOCO is a premium real estate agency. We specialize in providing services to foreign (but also Polish), individual and corporate customers. We speak many languages, we value understanding and always act for the benefit of our customers.

We have been operating in Warsaw since 2010, our high level of customer service makes our clients comfortable and our market expertise makes them confident.

Our offers

Many years of experience in the real estate market have taught us that our customers expect a comprehensive service. Our customers can manage their property – through us – from anywhere in the world.
We offer:


We are rental specialists in Warsaw. We will help you find the perfect property and then tenants who will appreciate the advantages it offers. This is how we help our customers build stable investments.


We advise on the purchase and sale of properties in and around Warsaw. We will help you find the perfect investment or the best buyer, paying attention to the specificity of the Warsaw market.


Commercial negotiates on your behalf, helps you find property and gives advice on all the aspects of real estate.Our consulting services also include a consideration of the profitability variation between long term rental/leasing


A safe investment in a real estate does not necessarily mean individual management. With LOCO Real Estate you can control your investment from anywhere in the world, gaining peace of mind and a guarantee of professional service.


What impression does your flat make on buyers or tenants? The first 5 seconds matter the most! Attract them with a professional home staging service.


We will help you arrange the renovation of your flat for rent or sale. Our team of professionals with 15 years of experience will refresh the interior or carry out a thorough renovation according to your instructions.


We will keep your apartment, flat or house clean and tidy. We can take all the work for which you have no time off your hands. Our team guarantees neatness, speed and discretion.


We make moving to Warsaw easy, even for foreigners. We will take everything to the new place and we will give you a comfortable start in a new country.