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Home staging

Home staging

Do you want to rent or sell your property quickly and on the best terms? Home staging is about preparing the right scenery for a successful transaction.

Our home staging will make the interior look much better in just a few hours. They will select details, and colors, check technical details, and any issues that are of particular interest to tenants (or buyers).

Even a few changes can make your investment more profitable. This is one of the most effective and easy-to-achieve ways to increase your rental or sales profit.

Home staging

What impression would you like to make on potential buyers or tenants?

Find out how we can help you!

Home staging, or selling through appearance

Image is everything. Home staging brings to the foreground what is best in a given flat. A buyer has thousands of things to get done, and they could have seen several other places on the same day. We make our place memorable.


We start with an inspection of the premises by the home stager. We carefully analyze the advantages and drawbacks, just as a tenant or buyer will do later. Next, we create a proposal of arranging the premises.


You can submit any comments or suggestions to the presented arrangement. We are here for you; we share our experience and help you achieve your plan.


We propose major changes if we think it is worthwile. Wall demolition or painting the property can significantly increase its value. You can implement your home stager recommendations yourself or through Loco Real Estate. We take responsibility for all the work, from makeover to transaction day.


Once all the details have been accepted, we start renovation, styling or construction works if necessary. The design changes into a real, impressive interior.


The last stage is a presentation of the premises: a meeting with a potential tenant or buyer of the property. We check what they like and modify the arrangement according to new ideas. Up until the successful transaction!


Build an image of your property. Influence the imagination of tenants or buyers. Make them stop looking for different offers after seeing yours. A premium promotion can be helpful here. Learn more:

Premium Home staging

Our customers deserve the best. If you want to rent or sell a truly special property, you are in the right place.

Finding people who are really interested in a transaction requires experience. That is why we have created the Premium Home Staging service for exceptional needs.

It is a Loco standard made even greater: the best materials, reliable professionals, interior furnishing and design at the highest level.

The architect and interior designer, as well as your personal assistant from Loco, take care of everything. Perfection is of utmost importance to us.

We were the first in Poland to create promotial films. We are developing a Polish standard for the sale of exclusive properties.

Our competitors are trying to follow in our footsteps, but we have plenty of new ideas. We are hard-working and continue to grow.