LOCO Real Estate

LOCO Real Estate are concierge properties.
You can feel comfortable; we will handle everything for you.

If you are looking for peace, a house or apartment outside the city, we offer many properties in quiet neighborhoods or on the outskirts of the city. If you prefer the energy of the city center and the panorama of the entire capital city, we will prepare suitable offers.

You don’t have to know the city or the language. Our mobile advisor will take you to the property and back to your home or hotel. You do not even need to call a taxi. We provide services in English (fluently), German, Portuguese, partially Dutch, Spanish and French.

Corporate customer service is our flagship service, but we can do much more, from rental management to home staging. We have a well-coordinated team of advisors who work for customer satisfaction.

We have been working in this way since 2010. We provide our services to, among others, embassies of numerous countries, front page personalities, business people, actors, celebrities, artists, employees and management staff of Polish and international corporations and institutions.

It is a unique group of people. We make every effort to provide them with the service they deserve.

Three reasons for choosing us

In short, specialization. For us, it means that we can focus solely on your needs. For you – that you will get everything you need. No compromises.

International character

Foreigners account for 90% of our customers. You can communicate in English in many places, but LOCO is much more than that. These are services created especially for them.


We ensure full comfort and service in every aspect related to the property. All you need to do is to call us. You will not have to do anything yourself. We are at your disposal 24/7.

Effectiveness since 2010.

Our services are tested. Embassies, big companies and international institutions recommend us and praise us for our efficiency and flexibility. We are proud of this, and we offer the same to you.

Did you know?

The international work environment is something natural to us. Patrick Pieta, co-creator of the brand, studied in two countries and speaks several languages.

21,794 foreigners from 142 countries had registered address in Warsaw in 2015.

Warsaw has about as many residents as Vienna. It officially had 1,711,324 residents in 2012. This gives it 54th place in the world (the first is Beijing with an overwhelming 20,693,000 residents).

Our successes

The greatest success is always customer satisfaction. But when it comes to numbers:



from which our customers came to Warsaw.


satisfied customers

for whom we found a flat or a house by 2020.



in which we communicate with our customers.



we work in Warsaw and Krakow.

Our customers' opinions speak for themselves

We consider Loco an indispensable partner. Over the years whenever we have had people re-locate to our Warsaw Office from overseas, Loco have made the transition process seamless for them, organising everything quickly and easily, so minimising the stress of moving country. I cannot recommend them enough.

James Chaplin / CEO


I have been cooperating with LOCO for about 4 years. The quality of service, professionalism in operation and the great knowledge of employees is a unique phenomenon on the real estate market. I highly recommend this company and wish them every success.

Maciek Białowarczuk /

We would like to express our satisfaction with the high quality of agency services provided by LOCO Real Estate Agency, seated in Warsaw.

The basis of contacts with LOCO is reliability, professionalism, which are combined with personal commitment to cooperation and sensitivity to individual customer needs. We are always satisfied with the services provided in a timely manner and with due professional diligence.

At each stage, agency services were performed in a very professional manner. We are very impressed by the reliability, comprehensiveness and high quality of our services and we are pleased to recommend cooperation with LOCO Real Estate.

Bartosz Komasa / Head of Corporate Relations

Bank of China

The best agency ever! Mr. Sylwester Rozgowski is a master! Highly recommended!

Kasia Kru. /

Ms. Katarzyna Zduńska is an extremely reliable and friendly person, which is important in conducting this kind of activity. She is a person who cares about the well-being of the Company, its proper functioning, development and PR. She is businesslike, precise, punctual. She reminds about payment deadlines via phone or e-mail. She won me over with her professionalism, I like her and appreciate her commitment to the work she does. We can envy that you have a co-worker like her.

Best regards – it is really worth investing in such people:)))

Agnieszka Hańderek / Najemca

MIeszkanie pod zarządzaniem LOCO

Our Partners

We are proud that we earned their trust. You can be one of them, too!

Marta Lech Kancelaria Adwokacka
Bank of China
People who make up LOCO.

The company is the people. This can be seen especially at LOCO Real Estate, where everything takes place through personal contact, and every detail has an impact on the comfort of the customer.

Our motto at work is:

The word “problem” does not exist in our dictionary, only a challenge that we can always rise to.

Ewelina Sadanowicz

Co-founder and Managing Director

A graduate of the Higher School of Finance and Management in Warsaw, licensed manager and real estate agent since 2007.

She believes that it is better to do one thing perfectly than many on an average level. She manages property management, home staging and is responsible for promotion and the company’s image.

Our services

Consulting services, rental, sales or property management are our main competences.
Together with you we can find the optimum strategy for your property.
You are always involved and at the same time relieved as much as possible to make the most from attractive chances without unnecessary distractions.

LOCO Real Estate offers a selection of services suitable for each owner; do you want to do everything yourself or just give us your keys.
Trust in our service and contact us now!


We are rental specialists in Warsaw. We will help you find the perfect property and then tenants who will appreciate the advantages it offers. This is how we help our customers build stable investments.


We advise on the purchase and sale of properties in and around Warsaw. We will help you find the perfect investment or the best buyer, paying attention to the specificity of the Warsaw market.


Commercial negotiates on your behalf, helps you find property and gives advice on all the aspects of real estate.Our consulting services also include a consideration of the profitability variation between long term rental/leasing


A safe investment in a real estate does not necessarily mean individual management. With LOCO Real Estate you can control your investment from anywhere in the world, gaining peace of mind and a guarantee of professional service.


What impression does your flat make on buyers or tenants? The first 5 seconds matter the most! Attract them with a professional home staging service.


We will help you arrange the renovation of your flat for rent or sale. Our team of professionals with 15 years of experience will refresh the interior or carry out a thorough renovation according to your instructions.


We will keep your apartment, flat or house clean and tidy. We can take all the work for which you have no time off your hands. Our team guarantees neatness, speed and discretion.


We make moving to Warsaw easy, even for foreigners. We will take everything to the new place and we will give you a comfortable start in a new country.