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Following the autumn trends in the apartment – wood!

Outside our windows autumn in full swing. The sun rarely comes out behind the clouds and a mug of hot tea and good book become our friends.

Wood – according to the latest trends this material is the most desired piece of equipment in our apartment. Wooden furniture, floors and wooden accessories coming back into favor. Popular is also a combination of wood with metal, glass and even plastics.

Recently very popular are furniture made from… pallets. Pallets are subjected to soft treatment and painting, and thus receive a completely new – very interesting and remarkable – form. From the pallets we can do bed, shelf, bedside table or coffee table…

Wood warms up the stark interiors. Perfectly interacts with white walls and those in cold colors.Deciding on wood furniture we can be sure that they will be with us for many years, but we must also remember that they require unique care and proper maintenance.

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