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Kępa Potocka park – one park, two locations!

Kępa Potocka park is definitely one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw. The park is divided into two parts by Toruński bridge – one of the parts is located on Bielany district, the second one on Żoliborz district.

The park itself is located on the oxbow areas of the Vistula River, which makes it exceptionally beautiful. The most important elements in the park are bridges, which are perfect place to take a break in our walk.

The park has plenty of benches, walking paths, bike trails, playground for children and even pitch. After a long walk, you can also satisfy your hunger in a small pavilion with catering point!

To the park you can be reached by metro (subway station Wilson Square is away from the park about 15 minutes walk), bus lines and trams.

Source: http://zielona.um.warszawa.pl/tereny-zielone/parki/park-kepa-potocka-bielany