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Bathroom – place where you start and end your day!

The bathroom is, contrary to appearances, as important room in our house/apartment as kitchen. Bathroom is the place where we going right after getting out of bed or after returning from a hard day at work. The decor of this room must be well thought out – because how many heads so many ideas – and it must be a room that give us comfort and relax.

When we planning a bathroom we have to wade through a lot of decisions and answer ourselves the many questions… Do we want to have a bathroom combined with toilet? Bathroom with window or without? What kind of lighting we want to use? Do we want a washing machine in it or we allocate separate rooms for laundry? Do we want two sinks or only one? Do we prefer shower, bath or maybe both of these options in one room? Are we decide to head shower or a standard hand shower? Do we want bathroom in a modern style or a retro style? And many, many others…

It is worth considering also what we want to use to finish the bathroom – waterproof paints, special wallpapers, wood, plaster, concrete or bricks – no need to stubbornly abide on glaze, because it is worth to invest in something that will distinguish our interiors against the others!

The bathroom should not be a mix of colors – it is recommended to use a maximum of three – higher number of colors strongly disturb our peace and not allow us to relax while hot bath. 🙂

What are Your preferences for that room?

We invite you to the discussion and check out our offers presenting different kinds of bathrooms!

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