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How to create the perfect kitchen?

The kitchen is a multifunctional room and definitely can be called the center of the house. In the first place, kitchen is used for cooking delicious meals, but can also be a place, where we can eat them. Everything depends on us and our idea for this room!

Firstly, we should decide whether we want our kitchen as a separate room or an open space to the living room. Then we have to choose between multiple options of furniture settings  – our kitchen can be single-row, single-row with island, double-row or in the shape of the letters L, U or G.

An important element is also the location of the kitchen – the best option is the northern part of the house or apartment, because the kitchen itself is the warmest room in the house, so why further heat up by the midday sun. Of course, we must also pay attention to the existing connections (water, power), our personal habits and the number of people who will be spend time in it.

When it comes to kitchen design – bright colors make small kitchen looking larger and if the kitchen itself is large and spacious, we can afford to use a dark, modern furniture.

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