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Temporary registration of residence: negligible, although mandatory…

In Poland, we still have the obligation of registration of residence. That means that no later than 30 days after the move, You should go to the municipal office! Duty to registration of residence is cumbersome, but still – every year about 700’000 people doing it.

The new laws, effective since 2013, make things a little easier. We have a lot of extra time to registration of residence, because instead of the four days, now we have thirty days. Besides, we will not bear any penalty sanctions because of failure to do it. You should also know that the obligation of registration of residence does not apply stays for less than thirty days.

What is the difference between temporary registration of residence and permanent registration of residence? Only formalities. Permanent registration of residence demands from us a lot more time spent and a lot more engagement, when the temporary registration of residence is only a matter of completing the form (which also contain the confirmation of the stay by the rental property owner).

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