Underground railways in Warsaw – METRO!

Warsaw metro line has a 23.1 km of length and includes 21 stations. Metro stations were built with security and convenience of passengers in mind – on all of them is the monitoring and clocks that tell us, among others, about real-time or measure out the time for the arrival of the next train. Each station also has lifts for the disabled. Metro trains run every 3-4 minutes during peak hours and about every 10 minutes in the late evening.

Currently, the Warsaw Metro is in the process of building the investment of the central section of the second metro line, which will connect Rondo Daszynskiego and Wilenski Railway Station. The length of this section of the second metro line will be about 6 km and will count 7 stations. Total course of the second metro line will travel from Mory to the right bank side of Warsaw – Praga district.


Source: www.metro.waw.pl