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Śródmieście, the downtown of Warsaw

The central district of Warsaw is called Śródmieście. Some of the newcomers to Warsaw don’t even know the proper name of the central part of the city. They often refer to it as “centrum”. Śródmieście has all of Warsaw’s skyscrapers. It is the most representative part of the city.

The area is home to the most important national and municipal institutions, many businesses, higher education establishments for example: Warsaw University, Parliament building, President’s Palace, Warsaw University of Technology, Medical Academy and many more.

These are the names of sub-districts (boroughs) in Śródmieście: Muranów, Stare Miasto (The Old Town), Nowe

Miasto, Śródmieście Północne, Powiśle, Śródmieście Południowe, Solec, Ujazdów.

In total, Śródmieście has the aerial space of 15,57 square kilometers and population of 129 142 out of which 57 018 men.

Although noisy and loud, Śródmieście has many properties which can offer quiet and comfortable living. What is more, there many park and squares perfect for a Sunday walk and more.

As expatguide.pl advises, Śródmieście is the right choice for expat’s couples and singles hungry for speedy city life. Living in this part of the city will certainly give you a chance to feel the Warsaw vibe.

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