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Mokotów the heart of modern Warsaw

Warsaw district called Mokotów is often chosen by expats in Warsaw. This district has almost all types of properties. What is more, Mokotów has quick straight connections to Warsaw city center.  Mokotów was incorporated into Warsaw in 1916. The name of this part of Warsaw came from the village called Mokotowo, which appears in documents from the year 1367.

Most of the area was urbanized in late 1920s and 1930s. Mokotów is located on the west bank of the Vistula River.

Population of this district is estimated at 225 000 people. It is a densely populated area. Mokotów  hosts huge part of Warsaw’s office space and is often referred to, as the modern part of the city. But Mokotów is more than that. It also hosts many embassies and ambassadors’ residencies, also National Library and the biggest ice skating track called Stegny. Moreover, Mokotów has a wide choice of theatres and cinemas. The biggest shopping centers there are Sadyba Best Mall and Galeria Mokotów.

While the following subdivisions haven’t got any formal, or administrative status, they are recognized by people in Warsaw.

Górny Mokotów (Upper Mokotow), Stary Mokotów, Wierzbno Ksawerów, Wyględów, Królikarnia, Służew, Służewiec, Służewiec Przemysłowy.

Dolny Mokotów (Lower Mokotow), Sielce, Czerniaków, Siekierki, Augustówka, Stegny, Sadyba.

Mokotów is popular among the expats, simply because it has all they need. This area is comfortable to live and offers many attractive places for international communities.

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