Expats in Poland. What Polish people are like?

In this post we will give you a short view on Poland taken straight from an experienced expat living in Poland. Andrew Eddies who is 47 years old and has been living in Poland for about 20 years.

– What are first expats impressions, once they move to Poland and get to know Polish people?

– Friendly bunch, hot women who want to talk with you (turns out they are all insane, but it’s fun working that out ).

– What annoys English people the most about Polish people?

– It has to be crap driving, dodgy queuing and corruption

– What you like the most about Polish people characters?

– They always dance in the kitchen at parties even if there are only 6 guests involved. They also quickly invite you into their homes.

– Would you say that Polish people are more polite to foreigners than to their own compatriots?

– Yes they are. Unless you come from an ethnic minority.
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