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Living costs in Warsaw

If you consider moving to Warsaw in Poland, you have to know all about living costs in the capital city of Poland. Just like everywhere else, the most important ones may be property prices, food prices and some common everyday costs.

Polish currency is called “Złoty”, often called PLN (Polski Nowy Złoty – Polish New Złoty). On 26th of March 2014, 1 EURO equals around 4,1 zlotys, 1 USD equals around 3 zlotys. In latest rankings, Warsaw has reached into the group of 30 most expensive cities in the world having higher cost of living than Berlin or Lisbon.

Here are some example prices in Warsaw (Poland).

lunch in the students’ cafeteria – from 12 PLN
coffee in a bar –  10-15 PLN
ticket to the cinema – from 17 PLN
bread – 3,00 PLN
bottle of milk – 3,00 PLN
bottle of mineral water 1,5l – 2,00 PLN.

When eating-out you have to spend between 10-15 EUR for a main course in an upper-middle class restaurant.

As expatsguide.pl informs property prices differ due to the location. Here are some Wasaw properties prices divided on distict examples.

Wilanów & Konstancin belong to the most expensive districts. Usually expats choose to live in these areas.

• 3-bedroom apartment for rent: 1000-2000 EUR (per month)
• Detached house (4-bedroom, 230-250m2): 2000-4000 EUR


• 3-bedroom apartment: 1200-2500 EUR
• Detached house (4-bedroom, 280-300m2): 1600-3500EUR


• 3-bedroom apartment: 650-1400EUR
• Detached house (4-bedroom, 360m2): 1800-2500EUR

Saska Kępa

• 3-bedroom apartment: 750-1400EUR
• Detached house (3-bedroom, 140m2): 1200-2500EUR


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