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Main advantages of living in Warsaw

Right at the beginning, we have to clearly say, that, despite what some of Polish people think, most of the expats in Warsaw are very satisfied with the living comfort offered by Poland.Someone even once said, that living in Poland is much more pleasurable for expats, than for Poles! Here are few reasons why, Warsaw is a great place to live!

Green spaces. According to reports, Warsaw has almost 20,000 hectacres (50,000 American acres) of green spaces and as such has earned the nickname “green city.”

Living costs. Compared to West European countries, prices in Poland are much lower. So if you move to Poland with your average, German or UK salary will be able to afford very comfortable living. What is more, you will earn few times more than the local people.
For example when going out, a half liter of Polish beer on average costs 8-10 zl ($2.50-$3). The same is with food and many other living costs. Clothes are cheaper as well, however Polish shops seem to follow the latest trends rather slower, than they’re supposed to…

Renting bikes.  Moving around in Warsaw isn’t always the best idea, when we decide to drive a car. Warsaw is a large metropolitan city with official 1,7 million population (unofficially with non registered residents it may be over 2,5 mln). Although without a car it gets easier at times. You can use the city bikes. After paying an initial 10 zl annual fee, we can rent bikes from more than 50 stations around the city. Rentals for less than 20 minutes are free.

Food and history.  Warsaw was home to the famous 19th-century composer Frederic Chopin. During summer on chosen Sundays, you can catch either the noon or 4 p.m. outdoor piano concerts featuring Chopin’s music at Warsaw’s Royal Łazienki Park. If you are into history, Warsaw is a place for you. The capital of Poland is filled with historical places, which were sometimes crucial for history of Europe. Poles a into history much more than other nations. In recent years, the city has developed impressive selection of American burgers and steaks restaurants. There is much more Vietnamese food and pizza places.

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