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Exclusive agency agreement – what, how and why!

Do you have an apartment that you want to rent or sale?
Do you have trouble finding a suitable tenant or buyer?
Do you need help, but you do not want to sign agreements with multiple agencies?

If your answer on this questions was “yes”, exclusive agency agreement may prove to be the ideal solution to your problems.

Exclusive agency agreement is a type of agreement that allows you to work with one – chosen by you – real estate agency. It is a form of agreement, whereby you will be sure that the duties associated with finding a tenant / buyer (as well as many other responsibilities) will belong to one person who will be 100% committed to working with you.

Why you should consider working on the basis of an exclusive agency agreement?

Exclusive offer has a much better chance to be noticed by potential customer. Let us remember that too often advertised property could be found as simply unattractive. A common problem is the promotion of your offer through multiple real estate agencies – usually they differ in descriptions, sometimes in the number of rooms, floors or even the price. For the customer, this is a clear indication – it is not worth to be interested in such an offer.

The main advantage here is, however, a sense of security and ease of communication – if you have any questions or problems, you only have to contact one particular person who will always help you out. In fact, you will not have to worry about anything that is related to your property, because your trusted broker will take care of everything.

We are a professional real estate agency operating in the market of luxury properties situated in the best locations in Warsaw and Konstancin-Jeziorna, and our employees are determined, multilingual professionals who find dozens of apartments and houses for rent every month. If you are interested in cooperation with our real estate agency on the basis of an exclusive agency agreement – do not hesitate, we are waiting for your call! We provide comprehensive services in Polish and foreign languages: English, German and Russian.

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