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Do you have a problem with renting an apartment?

It seems like everything is so simple. You have an apartment for rent, it would seem that the size of the apartment is perfect for the single or even a couple, location in the center is also encouraging, and yet customers do not call with enquiries, and after watching the apartment the contact breaks off. What you should do to not discourage future tenants?

1. Content of advertisement

Nowadays, everything happens on the Internet, so that is why we begin searching here. Looking for a tenant we put our advertisement on the Internet. Content of the advertisement itself should be fairly neutral. No touts, no solicitations, do not highlight three times that in the apartment are Italian tiles or gold handles. The more we want to sell something, the worse it out in practice. There is nothing worse than a pushy salesperson. You should stick to the facts and provide definite and reliable informations. Remember that well-prepared offer can be used repeatedly.

2. Photos of real estate

Customers buy by eyes. If the advertisement has no images or images are poor quality – apartment will be rejected in the first selection phase. If you do not cooperate with a real estate agency yet and you want to rent your apartment immediately, we recommend you to turn the apartment in the hands of a professional agent. Leading real estate agencies specializing in renting – such as LOCO Real Estate Agency – do not charge additional fees for making photo sessions, and thanks to that offer gains on value and the likelihood of rent increases by 53%.

3. Rental price

You should look objectively at your property. The owners often expect too exorbitant sums, thus discourages potential buyers. Before you put your advertisement on portals, review similar offers (in terms of location, age of building, size of the property) and consider if it is worth to inflate the price, if you want to rent your apartment or renting your apartment endlessnessly and paying for “single it out” all the time. Time is working against you, each subsequent week without tenant is the lack of income – “better to eat with smaller spoon but more often”.

4. Presentation of the property (mess, unpleasant smell)

You have only 5 seconds to make a first impression! Clean the apartment, replace the blown bulb or a broken towel-rail in the bathroom. Buy delicately scented air freshener and open windows before visiting a potential Client. Sometimes a little means a lot. Try to emphasize the advantages of your property, give the customers feeling of true home.

And if you do not know how to do it? Use the advice of a professional Home Stager https://www.loco-estate.com/en/Services/Home_staging