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Which of the Warsaw districts are the most familial?

Warsaw is a city which offers plenty for both – metropolitan singles and families searching possibility of peaceful spending time with loved ones. On the map of districts areas, there are clearly shown where is the most households.

Research on this subject was led by GFK Polonia. According to the provided data, in Warsaw is 775500 households and their average size is 2.21 people.

Districts with the lowest number of persons per household is the North Śródmieście with a coefficient of 1.77.

In contrast, the estate with the highest average number of people in the household are Szamociny on Białołęka district, which – among Warsaw districts – has the highest average household size.

On the map you can see that Białołęka become the most familial part of the city. Many factors (including lower property prices) decide that it is precisely in this part of the capital residents choose to start a family. The closer to the center, the lower the number of people in the household.