Tiled stove

On the outside is getting colder, short days are filled with greyness… at home it is nice to brew hot tea and wrap yourself in warm blanket. And how nice would be to snuggle up to a warm stove?

Tiled stove is a decoration of any interior, fill our modern apartments with an amazing atmosphere and a breath of old history.
Traditionally built with firebrick, in the form of a pole outside lagged with ceramic material – tiles. The most important place of the stove is a earth, a closed door made from iron or glass – but if it is not possible to connect stove in this form, in modern times, it can also be installed as electric heating cartridges.

Stove fitting – department of craft involved in the construction and repair of stoves and fireplaces
Stove fitter – the person who builds and maintains stoves and fireplaces.

Source: www.wikipedia.pl

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