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Rezydencja Opera – luxury reference to the history!

Rezydencja Opera is a very elegant – seven-storeyed – building modeled on climatic, prewar townhouses with many interesting architectural solutions. The building hold 39 apartments, which are distinguished by luxury and the use of high quality materials – among them prevail apartments ranging in size from 100m² to 200m².

An interesting solution is a hall lined with stone and exotic woods. Just beyond the hall greets us ceremonial reception and orangery.

The building is located at Niecała Street, just next to the Saxon Garden, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw. In the area is also the Royal Route, Piłsudskiego Square and widely developed infrastructure (restaurants, schools, beauty salons, hospital).

Perfect solution for active families!

Name: Rezydencja Opera
Location: 7 Niecała St.
Accomplishment: 2005
Investor: Dom Development

Source: http://www.crystalhouse.pl/pl/inwestycje/apartamenty/pokaz/27-rezydencja_opera.html#