Polish words, which are necessary when looking for properties in Poland

Polish people often admit, that their language is one of the most difficult to learn. Most of the time, they are really surprised, when they hear a expatriate talking their native language. Learning Polish is obviously is a long process, but you can always get to know with few sample phrases. For example, those you may need, when looking for properties.

First to know, the signs! Once walking on the streets of Polish streets, you can obviously pick up some adverts commonly used all over the world. For sale is “do sprzedania”. To let/for rent “do wynajęcia.

While looking for properties you will obviously have to learn how the estate agents are named. The sign should say “agencja nieruchomości”.

So we’ve got first two steps behind. Now it’s time for some details:

room in Polish is “pokój”

number of rooms is “liczba pokojów”, or “liczba pokoi”

kitchen is “kuchnia”

bathroom is “łazienka”

bedroom is “sypialnia”

These are obviously some first steps. While looking for properties in Poland, you have to take under consideration, that property ads in Poland show the details of the property in a slightly different way. For example, as one of the first information is given the number of square meters, then the number of bedrooms etc.