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Using the services of a property manager – is it worth?


You cannot handle the excess of cases related to rent an apartment?
Or maybe you just do not have time for this?
The property manager is the person you are looking for!The mission of a property manager is to relieve the owner of many stressful responsibilities, including control of tenants’ payment, take over the contacts with the administrator of the building, preparing and signing safe contracts, delegating repairs and many more…Stress is something inherent in our daily life and we do not need it even more.
Let us help to rid you of that burden and take care of your premises!The flat management service does not need to be expensive.
Property Management Service is:
– providing consultation on how to prepare the premises for rent and finding a tenant
– handing the premises over and issuing the handover report
– overseeing the premises condition during the lease
– collecting the rent, monitoring a timely payment of the rent, pre-trial debt collection
– settling the charges
– insuring the premises and liquidation of potential damages
– organizing repairs in the premises
– acceptance of the premises once the lease has expired, settling the deposit
– administrator is a point of contact for the tenants, administrators, suppliers of utilities etc.