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Cultural Warsaw! #2

For many of us cinema is a diversion from daily life, moment of relaxation and repose. To the cinema, we can go alone, with friends, family or the other half. Warsaw is known for large number of these institutions, hereunder are the ones that really are worth your attention…

~ Kino Muranów (Muranów Cinema) ~
5 Generała Andersa St., Śródmieście district (city centre)

Muranów Cinema is located in the city centre, by Bankowy Square, in close proximity to the subway station Ratusz Arsenał. Cinema is run by the company named Gutek Film and the movies shown by this company are the main programme of this cinema. In the cinema, there is also previews, premieres and film festivals. When we are waiting for the film show, we can take advantage of the Café Cinema offer.

~ Kino Iluzjon (Iluzjon Cinema) ~
50a Narbutta St., Mokotów district

It is intimate and very elegant cinema, whose history dates back to 1956. Cinema is characterized by the possibility of projection of silent films with live orchestra, which takes place during the annual Silent Movie Festival. To relax before the show you can visit the Café Iluzja.

~ Kino Praha (Praha Cinema) ~
26 Jagiellońska St., Praga Północ district

Praha Cinema is located in the new building from 2007. We can recognize the cinema by reliefs of famous Polish actors, which are placed on the facade of the building. The cinema space consist of elegant lobbies, modern and professional cinema lounges, cinema shop and cafe. The programme of the cinema is not just world premieres, but also art films and films awarded at major film festivals.

~ Kinoteka ~
1 Plac Defilad St., Śródmieście district (city centre)

One of the most popular cinemas in Warsaw. Its programme contain great Hollywood productions, but also lesser-known films, directed to the true connoisseurs. Cinema is distinguished by unique climate, due to its location in the Palace of Culture and Science.

~ Kino Kultura (Kultura Cinema) ~
21/23 Krakowskie Przedmieście St., Śródmieście district (city centre)

Kultura Cinema is located in the most beautiful place in Warsaw, in the heart of the city – at Krakowskie Przedmieście. In the programme of this cinema dominate Polish and European film, but also American and Asian. The most popular are movies that cannot be seen in any other cinemas in Warsaw. This cinema regularly presents short films and documentaries. In the cinema building we can also relax in the restaurant, from where you can go directly to the Krakowskie Przedmieście.

~ Kino Wisła (Wisła Cinema) ~
2 Wilsona Square St., Żoliborz district

One of the oldest cinemas in Warsaw located in the beautiful and green district – Żoliborz. Programme of this cinema is directed to a really demanding viewers who are looking for ambitious, non-commercial and artistic films. In the cinema programme we can also find many film, social and educational events. Cinema imply three cinema lounges with modern facilities and in the lobby we can find cozy cafe.


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