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Cultural Warsaw! #1

Theatre – for many of us it is a passion and a way to take a break from everyday life. When we are watching a play, we participate in it, we admire the acting of actors and reflect on the final moral of the play. Warsaw is a city where the theatres are practically everywhere… Hereafter, there are some of those that are really worth a visit!

~ Teatr Komedia (Komedia Theatre) ~
19a Słowackiego St., Żoliborz district

This theatre is ideal not only for adults but also for younger viewers. As you can inferred from the name of the theatre – in the programme are mostly comedies. This place is ideal for those, who want to release the daily hustle.

~ Teatr Kwadrat (Kwadrat Theatre) ~
138 Marszałkowska St., Śródmieście district (city centre)

Theatre show mainly comedies and contemporary farces. On the stage of the theatre, we can admire the great figures of the Polish scene, as well as the art of outstanding British and American authors.

~ Teatr Małego Widza (Małego Widza Theatre) ~
4 Jezuicka St., Śródmieście district (city centre, Old Town)

Theatre, that plays are aimed at children from 1 year of age. It is a cosy theatre, that plays are based on the best literature. In this theatre, there is no clear division between stage and auditorium – theatre perfect for our kids!

~ Och-Teatr (Och-Thetre) ~
65 Grójecka St., Ochota district

This is a private drama theatre, which was founded in 2010 by Krystyna Janda Foundation for Culture. In summertime, the theatre also carries outdoor performances, which is amazing attraction!

~ Teatr Syrena (Syrena Theatre) ~
3 Litewska St., Śródmieście district (city centre)

The interiors of the theatre are decorated in beautiful art déco style, which emphasizes the character of this place. The theatre is located in the same building since 1948. The basis of the theatre is a high-class acting.

~ Teatr Muzyczny Roma (ROMA Musical Theatre) ~
49 Nowogrodzka St., Śródmieście district (city centre)

Musical Theatre ROMA work on the realisation of large staging of the classics from musical. On stage, we can admire the works of the greatest composers. In 2009 was founded NOVA Scena Teatru Muzycznego ROMA (NOVA stage of the Musical Theatre ROMA), which include both intimate poetic forms and cabarets.

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