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Adam Rozmysłowski

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Graduate of English Language and Literature Studies at the University of Warsaw, and of the Graduate Real Estate Management and Real Estate Agency Studies in Warsaw. His excellent sense of Customers’ needs, professionalism, familiarity with the real estate market and efficiency make Customers greatly value working with Mr. Adam, which is reflected in their recommendations. Holder of Real Estate Agent’s License no. 9393; involved with the real estate industry since 1991.


  • 25 years of experience in marketing and sales
  • Good manners
  • Creativity
  • Communicativeness
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm and optimism


  • Licensed agent (since 1991) and courier on package tours abroad
  • Owner and Managing Director at the TEACHER SCHOOL OF ENGLISH


  • Loves traveling – this has always been his passion; organizes group trips to various places, such as the USA and Thailand
  • He also organizes foreign language study trips (England, Ireland, Malta, USA, Canada, Germany)
  • Interested in Chillout, Lounge and Progressive Rock music
  • Swims, likes kayaking, plays table tennis
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I appreciated the professionalism, reliability, effectiveness, and understanding of customer needs.

Therefore, I decide to entrust Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski and LOCO Real Estate with the exclusive right to rent my second property.

Barbara Miśko

I would like to recommend the services of advisor Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski and the LOCO Real Estate agency because of their professionalism, reliability, and efficiency in brokerage activities. Appreciating the commitment, effectiveness, and high personal culture of Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski I decided to continue cooperation with LOCO Real Estate to rent our office space.

Krzysztof Bubrowiecki

I would like to recommend the services of advisor Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski and the LOCO Real Estate agency because of their professionalism, reliability, and efficiency in brokerage activities. Appreciating the commitment, effectiveness, and high personal culture of Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski I decided to continue cooperation with LOCO Real Estate to rent our office space.

Jacek Beta

I used the services of LOCO Real Estate to sell my apartment and I am satisfied. I had previously contacted other real estate agencies and I’ve experienced the difference in quality.

Elżbieta GórskaFundacja En Arche

With this letter, I would like to give references to LOCO Real Estate for a professional approach and service during renting my property in Warsaw. I recommend LOCO as a trustworthy partner, who provides its services professionally and reliably.

Tomasz Kaczmarek

The service was performed with due diligence following professional standards and ended with the signing of relevant contracts. Also, we recommend a licensed adviser, Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski. He led us reliably and professionally through the entire process of finding and presenting real estate…

Tomislav Kurelac

We are a Mongolian family who came to Poland to enrich our children’s
education for a better future by sending them to an International Baccalaureate school
here, and to also work with our partner company here, in Warsaw. Our first encounter
with the country was very pleasant; the people were kind and the environment had that
warm feeling to it. We were looking for the perfect house to live in; a house that is close
to my children’s school, a house that had a green area and environment, and a spacious
house for our big family.

When we met the LOCO Real Estate agent Mr. Adam Rozmyslowski, he was very
friendly, open, and good-natured, which continued our thoughts of Polish people being
so warm and kind. On the day we met, he led us to the Kiedacza 28 house which would
soon become our future home. At that moment, I was telling my husband how I loved
the neighbourhood because it felt so warm and quiet. As we got into the house, I realized
that everything about this house reminded me of a warm home and I felt that it was very
suitable for our family to live in and for our children to play around.

It wasn’t only the house that gave me the warm, familiar feeling. It was how our
real estate agent, Mr. Rozmyslowski was that led our family to make the right decision
for our future living. He was a very approachable person, and our children even kept
commenting on the house and the kindness of Mr. Rozmyslowski. We also visited the
office of the LOCO agency, and the agency,and Mr. Rozmysloswki were very easy to get
along with whilst being professional and handling his job responsibly.

Battsetseg Tsogtsaikhan

To everyone looking for a flat to rent, I highly recommend the advisor Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski. His commitment to duties, professionalism, high personal culture, and heartfulness make working with him goes in a unique atmosphere. Competence, knowledge of the market, and the open personality of Mr. Adam are guarantees of finding an apartment that exactly meets the client’s needs. Availability and punctuality are also noteworthy, as they allow for the implementation of a project, which is renting a flat, without wasting valuable time.

Matylda Szalaty

Thank you for helping in renting our property on Kiedacza Street 28 in Warsaw.

We are very pleased with your matter-of-fact approach to the subject. Professional and on-time preparation and delivery of documents. Very efficient preparation of the real estate and the ability to listen to the needs of customers, which translates into a perfect match of the property to the potential client. Factuality, commitment, responsibility, and relationship-building skills resulted in building a high level of trust and enabled the efficient execution of the transaction.

Once again, thank you for your help and certainly, we will use your services again if needed.

Martyna Matelska Jucha

Thank you for our transaction concerning renting my property on Al. Wilanowska and I have to honestly admit that I am positively surprised how quickly, profoundly, efficiently it was carried out and, what is very important, with taking care of the interests of both the landlord and the tenant.

The apartment was rented within two hours from the moment the future tenants saw the apartment for the first time. Your role was very important in this process.

I look forward to further cooperation in similar situations.

Jakub LeonowiczDyrektor Regionu / Getin Noble Bank SA

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski from LOCO Real Estate as a highly professional, effective, and expert real estate agent.

I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Adam for the second time in terms of renting my apartment. In both cases, finding interested clients and finalizing the transaction went very smoothly and safely. I have the impression that for Mr. Adam there are no topics that can not be solved in a way that ensures comfort and desired effect. Also, Mr. Adam is a very flexible and pragmatic person. By remaining in full contact, both by e-mail and by phone, he provides a sense of security and professional fulfillment of duties.

Certainly, he is a trustworthy and worth recommending agent.

Tomasz Imach

I would like to express my satisfaction and gratification with the course of cooperation with Adam Rozmysłowski, an agent of LOCO Real Estate, who brokered the rental of our apartment in Warsaw.

Mr. Adam was responsible for finding a tenant/tenants for our apartment in Warsaw and acted as an intermediary in signing the lease agreement.

Mr. Adam perfectly fulfilled all the tasks entrusted to him, showing his dutifulness and conscientiousness. He is a very active and creative person with strong interpersonal skills. I recommend to everyone the services provided by Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski as LOCO Real Estate advisor, who, like me, values a solid partnership in business.

We wish you success and hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Marek Domański

Due to many years of cooperation with Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski in the field of brokerage and advisory services in renting apartments in Warsaw, an employee of your company, I would like to share my opinion on this subject.

1. During many years of cooperation, I always met with Mr. Adam’s professionalism, great commitment, but above all with openness and empathy both towards potential tenants and me. This undoubtedly facilitated the conduct of talks and negotiations, usually enabling the conclusion of appropriate contracts.
2. Also, I would like to emphasize his great knowledge of legal issues in the field of the Civil Code, the act on ownership of premises, cooperative law, which is important due to the safety of both parties of the contract.

The favorable contracts concluded in recent days prompted me to present the above opinion and recommendations for Mr. Adam Rozmysłowski and LOCO Real Estate. I am convinced that my opinion on the qualifications of Mr. Adam is one of many that was sent to your company.

Piotr Pełczewski

I have been using the services of LOCO Real Estate agency for several years and I am very pleased. Recently, Mr. Adam helped me make some complicated transactions. He did it quickly and very professionally. He is a very competent man and is characterized by high personal culture. He always offers wise advice. I definitely recommend this agency.

Marek Bahdaj

Full professionalism, culture, and efficiency. Mr. Adam is a very competent and kind man, who manager everything at the highest level. I recommend working with the LOCO Real Estate agency.

Marcin Wróblewski

Had the great luck of finding Adam Rozmysłowski and the service was everything and more I could ask. Very transparent ans serious, took care of every single detail and even more.

André Paixão

Signed the contract on the day of viewing the apartment. Mr. Adam speaks excellent English and helped us legally rent an apartment without any additional effort on our part.


It was a pleasure to look for an apartment with LOCO. Mr. Adam gives his full support and committment to get a beautiful flat in one of the best locations in Warsaw. Well delivered and well appreciated.


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