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Wilanów district – positive springboard!

Residents of Wilanów district, almost at every turn appreciate this part of Warsaw. On the other hand, the skeptics, who live in the other parts of Warsaw, often claim that Wilanów is simply overrated. But what determines us to think that one place is better than others? Maybe it is just a matter of trend and current fashion?

Wilanów’s district problem is access. Of course, according to statistics, every day on the way to school/work, residents of this district are losing more than 34 minutes (which is the average of Warsaw). But life is not statistics. Because they all become false when we have to deal with unplanned things. Because access to the Warsaw downtown, according to these statistics, take up the perfect 27 minutes. However, as we all know, we do not live in a perfect world. Well… how it looks in the middle of the snowy winter, when – for example – on Powsinska Street will be an accident, which block traffic. These 27 minutes can become an hour or even more.

As the portal www.domwremoncie.pl reported, 92% of people living in Wilanów district thinks that living in this district is a reason for satisfaction – this is the best result in the capital. Residents of Wilanów tout primarily low crime, green surroundings, the quiet neighborhood.

An interesting fact is that every other resident found that reaching the nearest bus stop takes up 5 minutes (this is one of the worst results in the city).

Mischievous people sometimes point out that the Wilanów has become a hotbed of the – so-called – lemmings, who choose Wilanów mainly due to the fact that it has become a fashionable place, often without regard to other issues.