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Warsaw for children!

Warsaw is the largest Polish city and also its capital. The city is identified with the ubiquitous rush and noise.After all, in Warsaw we can easily find a very friendly place for our kids! There is plenty of green space, which is ideal for the family walks. In Warsaw there are also playgrounds where children can play with their peers.

The most popular playgrounds are located in Łazienki Królewskie Park (Śródmieście district), in Morskie Oko Park (Mokotów district), in Krasińskich Park (Śródmieście district), in Ujazdowski Park (Śródmieście district), in Szczęśliwicki Park (Ochota district), in Kępa Potocka (Żoliborz district), in Stanisława Augusta Boulevard (Bemowo district) and in Fort Bema (Bemowo district).

Great entertainment for children will be also Warsaw’s ZOO located in North Praga at 1 Ratuszowa Street. Warsaw ZOO is one of the most beautiful in Poland. In the ZOO we can find aquariums, monkey house, run for rhinos, elephant house, giraffe house, shark house and much more!

A good solution can be also a Game Centres, which are characterized by a huge space arranged especially for the little ones. In this kind of centre we can find the attractions like a swimming pools with balls, slides, inflatable trampolines, tracks with obstacles, simulators and even video games.


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