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Veturilo – Warsaw public bicycle!

It often happens that lovers of bicycles, moving to another city does not have the ability to take their favorite means of transport with them. In Warsaw was found a solution to this problem!

Only two steps are divided every inhabitant of Warsaw from the enjoyment of the Warsaw public bicycle. We just need 2 minutes to register on the website www.veturilo.waw.pl and pay the initial fee, which is only 10 PLN. These two steps allow us to enjoy the freedom of traveling around the capital for 9 months – spring, summer and autumn months – bicycles during this period are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Locations of the Veturilo stations: http://en.veturilo.waw.pl/locations/

Information that you should read before deciding of hire the bike: http://en.veturilo.waw.pl/informacje/