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Rezydencja Narbutta – cosy housing estate in Mokotów!

Rezydencja Narbutta is very luxurious housing estate in Mokotów – one of the most prestigious districts of Warsaw! The estate is characterized by intimacy and ubiquitous greenery. The apartment building is a building with a very high standard, where we can find the elegant hall with reception and waiting area for visitors. The biggest advantage of the estate is beautiful, very well maintained, patio. The building perfectly tone in with climate of the Mokotów district.

The undeniable advantage of the estate is its proximity to the Centre and many parks, m.in. Pole Mokotowskie Park. In this location you will find numerous kindergartens and schools, Warszawianka pool, fitness, restaurants, cafes and a well-developed transport infrastructure.

Rezydencja Narbutta is the perfect place for people who are looking for tranquility just next to the city centre!

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Name: Rezydencja Narbutta
Location: 83 Narbutta Street
Years of realisation: 2007
Investor: Myoni Group