Polish words, which are necessary when reanting the properties in Poland

Two months ago we mentioned a very important subject in renting a property in Poland which is a Polish language. It’s obvious that many of expacts have troubles with translations, but don’t give up, we are here to help you as much as we can. As we got first step in learning few sample of phrases last time, today it’s time for more !



Phrases presented below are helpful with signing the agreement or renting the property.

tenancy agreement is ”umowa najmu”

lessor is ”wynajmujący”

tenant is ”najemca”

deninite period of time is ”czas określony”

indefinite period of time is ”czas nieokreślony”

notice period is ”okres wypowiedzenia”

land register is ”księga wieczysta”, notarial act is ”akt notarialny”  – these are the documents authenticating the property

hand over raport or acceptance protocol is ”protokół zdawczo odbiorczy”

service charges is ”opłaty eksploatacyjne”

These phrases should help you getting through all documents when you rent a property. It is very important that you understand all the arrangements and that will help to prevent not an agreement in the future.