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Ochota – friendly district!

Not everyone knows that Ochota is the most densely populated district of Warsaw. So what attracted its residents to it? Undoubtedly one of the many assets is its location. The proximity of major transportation hubs conducive to the settlement of frequent travelers who appreciate the easy access to the city center and the surrounding area.

In addition, the district has a rich commercial and service infrastructure, as its area there are schools, kindergartens, banks, shops, services and everything necessary for functioning in Warsaw. For those who appreciate tranquility ideal alternative is a rich sport and recreation facilities, including bicycle paths, squares and parks, among others: Zachodni Park, Szczęśliwicki Park, Rakowiec Fort.

Although Ochota is mainly associated with the post-war houses, we have to admit that a lot of changes in it. Current investments are aimed largely for those who want to settle in Warsaw and due to the high activity appreciate the proximity to infrastructure. The newly established residentials impart the district fresh and modern look.