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Need to find an apartment in Warsaw?

Here is how to avoid being scammed out of your time, money and a safe, comfortable place to live.

Hi, I’m Jason and I’m also an expat living in Warsaw. In fact this is the second time I’ve been living in Warsaw as an expat, first moving here over 12 years ago and again just a few short years ago. Having moved several times in these periods, I can give you my overall perspective on being an expat relocating to Warsaw and how to avoid the most common scams that will rob you of your time, money and a quality, safe place to live. I hope this will help you to recognize and avoid these attempted scams and that you will find a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live.

Direct from Owner Scams

The idea of renting directly from the owner and avoiding to pay the Real Estate Agency fee (In Warsaw both the owner and the tenant pay a Real Estate Fee) is quite attractive. However, many owners who seek to rent directly to the expat market are expecting to take advantage of your lack of understanding of the local real estate market and laws.

i) Rents way above actual market prices: I’ve seen apartments up to 70% above the actual market price because the owners are banking on time-pressed expats with little market knowledge of prices. Also since many of the owners advertising direct, private listings are asking sometimes in excess of 50% of the actual market rates, it may be difficult to impossible to see what the actual market prices truly are for such apartments .

ii) Illegal Contracts: Are you aware of Polish law covering Real Estate Rental transactions? Are you willing to spend hundreds of Euros for a lawyer to negotiate a Real Estate Rental Contract for you? Probably not, especially if you are searching directly from the owner. Many owners are aware of your total lack of any understanding of local laws to offer you a contract that is un-enforceable by law.

iii) Fake Owner Scams: Who are you even talking to? Is it the owner, the legal representative of the true owner, or is it an imposter looking to take your first month’s rent and up to 2 months deposit? A common scam is someone offering you an apartment that they have no legal right to rent. I recently encountered a family that had rented unknowingly from the previous tenant who they paid 2 month’s deposit to, first month’s rent and paid the 2nd month’s rent only to find out in month 3 that the owner had not been paid rent for the last 2 months and that these people were trespassing.

I will help you to avoid these common scams and many others and find you a safe, comfortable and affordable apartment to rent. Because this is what I do!

Jason Boughner as an Expat Real Estate Advisor is uniquely qualified to help you avoid these traps and many more and find you a safe, comfortable and affordable home to rent in Warsaw. Contact him and he’ll get started on finding you that perfect new home.