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Is the Old Town in Warsaw a good choice?

Warsaw’s Old Town is a must for tourists visiting the capital of our country. However, among Varsovians is not so popular. Not all appreciate its charms and relatively few use them. Similarly, as regards the real estate market.

Although in the rankings of attractiveness the Old Town in Warsaw step down even Krakow’s Old Town, the housing prices do not reflecting that. The analysis of the market shows that the apartments on the capital’s Old Town are still more expensive than this on the Old Town of Krakow.

Per square meter of the apartment in the Old Town in Warsaw you have to pay an average of 15 000 PLN, while in Krakow 12 500 PLN. Average price per meter of the apartment in the Old Town of the capital is, according to streets, Świętojańska – 20 300 PLN, Krzywe Koło – 16 500 PLN, Piwna – 16 000 PLN, Freta – 15 500 PLN, Franciszkańska – 13 800 PLN, Brzozowa – 12 500 PLN, Bednarska – 12 000 PLN, Świętojerska – 11 800 PLN, Długa – 11 300 PLN.

Walking through the Old Town in recent years we could see renovations of urban investments – the renewal of cobblestone, on side streets as on the main market. Additional attractions has become a skating rink or fairs held periodically. We should remember that it is a place that was almost completely destroyed during World War II.

After the war it was decided to rebuild the Old Town. The decision was criticized even at the European level, because no one ever decided to reconstructions of monuments on such a large scale. In retrospect, turned out to be right, because in 1980, the Old Town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, just as an example of a successful, comprehensive reconstruction of the historic district.

However, this may change. It is about rising on the edge of the old town, concretely at Podwale Street, office building which – according to many opinions – can compete with the space of the Old Town and the elements of its facade does not fit to the surroundings. According to the UNESCO project of the office building should be amended. Otherwise, the Old Town can be removed from the list. According to the report of the international Council on Monuments and Sites envoy prof. Bernhard Furrer, planned office building is too large and dominate the landscape and elements of its facade does not fit into the surroundings, despite the fact that it is located on the border of the Old Town.

– We have a serious procedural problem, what to do in this situation, because the investor has a valid building permit. It was an attempt to suspend the permit but according to Polish law, effective suspension cannot be achieved. All indications are that these changes can be introduced only after acceptance of the investor. I will strive to this. – said Piotr Żuchowski, general conservator of the monuments.

This situation does not concern all investments close to the Old Town. Fountains Park runs strongly in favor of the historic district adding bonus feats.

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