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How to survive the heat in the city?

Lately, the weather is very tiring. Every day temperatures oscillate around 30 degrees Celsius and the sultry air is not conduce walking in the city. Today, we introduce you to couple of places where you can find a shelter from the heat and, in addition, enjoy the beauty of nature.

Stefan Starzynski Nature Reserve Kabacki Forest
(Polish: Rezerwat przyrody Las Kabacki im. Stefana Starzyńskiego)
Forest Park located in the southern part of Warsaw, administratively it belongs to the district Ursynow. Unique part of this forest is high escarpment above the glacial valley of the Vistula river. An interesting monument of culture is a forester’s lodge standing at the edge of the forest, built in 1890.

King Jan Sobiecki Nature Reserve
(Polish: Rezerwat im. Króla Jana Sobieskiego)
Forest located in the northeastern part of the district Wawer in Warsaw. Expansive low forested dune – pines, oaks, lindens, black birches. The purpose of the reserve is to protect portions of the ancient forest of oak.

Natolinski Forest Nature Reserve
(Polish: Rezerwat przyrody Las Natoliński)
Nature reserve formed in 1991 on the areas of district Wilanow. The point of this reserve is to preserve, for scientific and teaching reasons, diverse forest communities with numerous monumental trees and rich land form.

Morysin Nature Reserve
(Polish: Rezerwat Przyrody Morysin)
Formed in 1996 reserve is located in district Wilanow –  between Wilanowskie lake and Wilanowka river. Riparian and alder forest with numerous specimens of monumental trees and rich flora and fauna.

Olszynka Grochowska Natre Reserve
(Polish: Rezerwat przyrody Olszynka Grochowska)
Located on the district Praga-Poludnie reserve was formed in 1983. The aim of this reserve is to protect the ground cover and place of historical importance. On the southern edge of the reserve, there are fragments of earthen fortifications from the period of the Kosciuszko Insurrection.

Kampinos National Park
(Polish: Kampinoski Park Narodowy)
Located on the northwest from the Warsaw. Tourists are welcome on Park’s walking trails. You can also rent a horse and ride on trails whose total length is around 360 kilometers. Cycling enthusiasts may take advantage of the 144,5 km Kampinos Cycling Trail.