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How to set up an apartment for lease?

Investing in rental property, you should think over how to equipped it so that quickly find a tenant.

Let us consider – what is the secret?

The apartment, which have a built-in cabinets and appliances in the kitchen and built-in wardrobes is the current standard. Warsaw is a very specific city, a growing group of tenants create expats, who are looking for a fully equipped and furnished apartments. To the extent that they want to enter with a suitcase, the proverbial ‘toothbrush’ and live there immediately.

Responding to the changing trends, we suggest you to use suitable accessories, and not necessarily the patterned wallpapers or strong, vibrant colors on the walls. They do not have to impress anyone, and can be a cause that the apartment will be waiting longer for the tenant. It is worth to put on a modern and simple solutions, ideal are light, neutral colors.

Extremely important thing is to match the standard of the apartment not only due to your possible tenant, but also due to location and standard of the building. You must specify which group of tenants you are interested in and verify whether these expectations are justified. Management staff will require other things, than a group of students. You must also consider whether the standard of the apartment fits to the building (the old unit furniture from 70s in a modern building with a swimming pool in the centre of the city – for sure, it will not raise the rent of your apartment).

It is not worth saving for items of equipment, especially on furniture, because using a good quality and a bit more expensive products, you ultimately saving, because you do not have to replace them each time you change the tenant. If you equipped the apartment with bed linen, dinnerware and towels – it is not worth buying the cheapest version of the pots, because with the next tenant they will be thrown out, and the bed linen and towels – we advise to buy them in neutral colors. On the bed, the best solution is protector or sheet with rubber underside – much easier is to replace it than to wash later the mattress and its cover.

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