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How to find the best apartment for rent?

Finding adequate housing does not have to be difficult. To find an ideal apartment or rental home – and to make the search go smoother you can consider these handy tips, your dream apartment may be closer than you think.


Step 1

Create a realistic budget. Decide how much money monthly can you spend for an   apartment, including monthly utilities like water, central heating, electricity + optionally internet & Television. Don’t look at any apartments out of your price range.

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Step 2

Choose the location. Important thing is to live relatively close to your workplace/school or other points which are important for you (spending more than 30 min everyday traveling to work/school/etc. isn’t convenient and it’s a waste of time).

Step 3

Make a wish list:
– How many rooms do you need?
– Do you need a balcony?
– Do you need a parking place?
– Do you prefer bath, shower or both ?
– Do you want to live near park/clubs/restaurants/public facilities/etc.?
– Do you like open kitchen/close kitchen/kitchenette?
– Do you need furniture?

Figure it out and create your wish list. The more information you provide your agent, you will increase your chances of finding the best apartment.

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Step 4

When visiting a properties for rent the good idea is to take a notes and keep a record of each apartment you visit. Note what features are extra or missing, what you like or not. Ask a lot of questions:

– What’s included into the price?
– When is the earliest possible move-in date?
– Are pets allowed?
– Is it possible to store a bike somewhere in the building?

The more information you get the easier it will get you to compare all the apartments.

Step 5

After visiting the apartment discover the neighborhood. Check where you can find shops, bus/tram/metro stops, public facilities, etc. Consider commute times, your lifestyle needs and local conveniences.

Step 6

Understand your lease. Your lease should clarify the rent, other fees, terms and duration of your agreement, obligations of the tenant, obligations of the owner and all other arrangements. Read it carefully before signing. If you give a deposit, get a receipt.

Enjoy your new home!

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