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Healthcare in Warsaw!

Poland has a public, centralized and free healthcare system. According to the Polish constitution all citizens of the country have equal access to the health services, regardless of their material status.

Public healthcare system is financed by the national health insurance which is paid to NFZ (National Health Fund). The health insurance accounts for 9% of the personal income tax (7.75% is deducted from PIT and 1.25% is paid individually by an insured).

You will not pay for an ambulance in Poland, as it is also paid by the public money.

To use public healthcare system you need to register with a GP. GP is responsible for basic medical care and if needed can redelegate you to the hospital or a specialist.

To be granted a health benefit the beneficiary should present:

a) health insurance card or other document confirming the payment of health insurance contribution – in the case of person insured;
b) a decision taken by the mayor (president) of borough – in the case of beneficiary other than the person insured.

Although the healthcare system in Poland is free, it is very slow and sometimes inefficient. For those who wish to avoid queues of public hospitals, there are many private medical centres and hospitals in Warsaw. Private healthcare system in Poland delivers more reliable and better quality healthcare.

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