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Famous Poles! #2 Kings!


~ Boleslaus the Brave (Polish: Bolesław I Chrobry)

(967 – 1025)
The first son of Mieszko I and a Bohemian princess, Dobrava. Duke of Poland and then the King of Poland. He also ruled Bohemia as Bolesław IV.

~ Casimir III the Great (Polish: Kazimierz III Wielki)
(1310 – 1370)
Poland’s only king with the cognomen “Great”. The last King of Poland from the Piast dynasty. He completed the work to reunify the state and attached great importance to economic development. He is said to have found a Poland built in wood and to have left it built in stone.

~ Stephen Báthory (Polish: Stefan Batory) ~
(1533 – 1586)
A Duke of Transylvania, from 1576 Queen Anna Jagiellon’s husband and “jure uxoris” King of Poland. Jure uxoris is a Latin term that means “by right of his wife”. He continued the policy of religious tolerance that the Convocation Seym of 1573 (the Warsaw Convocation) made one of the principles of Poland’s political system.

~ John III Sobieski (Polish: Jan III Sobieski) ~
(1629 – 1696)
He was one of the most notable monarchs of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1674 until his death. He was called by the Turks the “Lion of Lechistan”.

~ Stanisław August Poniatowski ~
(1732 – 1798)
He as the last King and Grand Duke of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1764 to 1795. He did a lot to raise the level of the Polish elites and to modernize the country. Recognized as a great patron of the arts and sciences and a supporter of progressive reforms.

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