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Apartment in the attic!

Until recently, apartments in the attic were considered as problematic and not very attractive interiors. Today is completely different. We can encounter with lots of people seeking their own space in the attic. The slants are often considered as a defect of the space, but in fact there are its biggest advantage!

In the living room low space is ideal for setting chest of drawers or to create a snug leisure corner — simply insert there a comfortable sofa or armchair. In the bedroom slant is the perfect place to set a bed — then the high part of the room can be arranged as a comfortable walk-in closet. Slants in the kitchen are the ideal place for numerous hidden storage system. If we are thinking about bathroom — under slant can stand comfortable and elegant bathtub. Very often the height of the apartment in the attic allows us to design a mezzanine that can be used for example as an office.

And how you would arrange your apartment in the attic?

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