Paulina Floryańska
Branch Manager Cracow

Paulina Floryańska

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She enjoys working with people, she knows that the key to success is getting to know the needs and expectations of the other person. In the real estate industry, she likes the freedom of action, lack of monotony, and the opportunity to meet fantastic people. Meticulous and accurate, no document will escape her attention, and that’s why she is appreciated by cooperating agents and clients.


For several years she worked in the hotel industry, she went through practically the entire career path, from the receptionist to the manager. This demanding industry has taught her patience, humility, and the ability to quickly react to difficult situations. She took her first steps in real estate in 2020. Initially associated with another company as a real estate broker, and then joined the LOCO Real Estate team.
Currently, she is establishing a branch in Krakow, incl. team management, establishing cooperation with developers, and organizing training courses. With great optimism, through her daily work, she coordinates and redefines the role of real estate agents, understanding their multidimensional responsibility for the sale or rental process. Together with the management of LOCO, she supports people in their professional development.


  • building relationships based on cooperation
  • negotiation skills
  • effectiveness in the implementation of the entrusted tasks
  • experience in image creation
  • meticulousness and accuracy


Privately, a mother of a little rascal. She loves traveling and good cuisine. Visiting new places and people gives her great pleasure. She appreciates contact with nature, taking care of her garden is like meditation for her.

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Strongly recommended cooperation with Paulina Floriańska. She did a great job when I was buying the apartment in Krakow.

Mateusz Skurski

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Apartment, 68.89m2, Wieliczka – 1799/464/OMS
68.89 m2
551 120 pln
Apartment, 54.04m2, Kraków – 1745/464/OMS
Henryka Pachońskiego 
54.04 m2
594 440 pln
Apartment, 334.2m2, Kraków – 1641/464/OMS
334.2 m2
12 600 000 pln
Apartment, 30.33m2, Kraków – 1538/464/OMS
30.33 m2
818 910 pln
Apartment, 47.6m2, Kraków – 1536/464/OMS
47.6 m2
1 142 400 pln
Apartment, 37.96m2, Kraków – 1534/464/OMS
37.96 m2
911 040 pln
Apartment, 36.13m2, Kraków – 1530/464/OMS
36.13 m2
975 510 pln
Apartment, 33.29m2, Kraków – 1528/464/OMS
33.29 m2
898 830 pln
Apartment, 27.92m2, Kraków – 1526/464/OMS
27.92 m2
642 160 pln
Apartment, 25.73m2, Kraków – 1525/464/OMS
25.73 m2
591 790 pln