A safe investment in a real estate does not necessarily mean individual management. With LOCO Real Estate you can control your investment from anywhere in the world, gaining peace of mind and a guarantee of professional service.

There is no need for you to personally keep an eye on your investment. Take care of what is really important to you and we will make sure you profit from the property.

We are available 24/7. Wherever you are, you will always know what happens to your property.

Benefits of remote property management:

  • continuity in the rental of property and liquidity of the investment
  • time saving
  • the convenience of our comprehensive services
  • the assurance that the property is under constant care
  • the possibility of smooth expansion of cooperation (more properties will be taken care of by one company)

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E-mail address: zarzadzanie@loco-estate.com

We manage on your behalf

Your property is always under (your) full control. We only make it much more convenient. You do not have to worry about tenants, renovations or bills. Rental provides you with profits, while LOCO Real Estate provides you with peace of mind.

Advice on property preparation for rental

Every property can be rented out better. LOCO helps you to get the full commercial potential out of the offered space. These are dozens of details. We will take care of each of them.

Finding a tenant and working with real estate agencies

A well-prepared property should be rented to the right people. This way you gain not only general peace of mind but also the liquidity of the property for years to come. We have contacts with such people and such agencies.

Complete monitoring
of the premises

Safety and security first and foremost. After arranging a rental, we will remain at your disposal. We supervise the condition of the apartment, talk with the tenants, organize everything that is needed.
You can count on us.

We take care of everything as if it were our own

Real estate is our passion. We have been cooperating with many customers for years. We are proud of their trust and the fact that they do not have to worry about anything. We take care of everything.

Property management is most useful to people who:

  • want to rent a property quickly,
  • have no time to check the tenant’s credibility,
  • have several properties,
  • are renting a house or flat for the first time,
  • do not want to waste time on settling utilities,
  • need trusted professionals to make repairs in the premises,
  • cannot supervise their premises directly

If your needs are similar, we can become a perfect partner for you. Contact us!

You can earn money on a property avoiding all the problems associated with it. Effective apartment management is our specialty.

All you need to do is to call LOCO Real Estate and soon, sometimes within a few days, the property will start to earn money.

All this is possible thanks to many years of experience. We look forward to cooperating with you!

If your needs are similar, we can be the perfect partner for you. Contact us!

Tel.: +48 22 25 15 517

Fax: +48 22 12 71 893

Mob.: +48 533 332 272

E-mail address: zarzadzanie@loco-estate.com

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