A safe investment in a real estate does not necessarily mean individual management.
Professional property management guarantees the best possible service. You will gain the peace of mind.

Apartments – they only have four walls, no gardens, easy maintenance and are an easy, simple investment right?

Look a little deeper and you will find an owners committee, a long term maintenance plan and maintenance budget, from a variety of tenants who don’t speak English to demanding professionals.

This coupled with broken furniture and potential long vacancy periods, noisy neighbours and leaky buildings everywhere and things don’t look so simple anymore!

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We manage properties better than anyone else

Our vision is simple – to be the best forward-thinking provider of property management services, giving clients the highest level of service at all times.

Advice on property preparation for rental

Every property can be rented out better. LOCO helps you to get the full commercial potential out of the offered space. These are dozens of details. We will take care of each of them.

Finding a tenant and working with real estate agencies

A well-prepared property should be rented to the right people. This way you gain not only general peace of mind but also the liquidity of the property for years to come. We have contacts with such people and such agencies.

Complete monitoring
of the premises

Safety and security first and foremost. After arranging a rental, we will remain at your disposal. We supervise the condition of the apartment, talk with the tenants, organize everything that is needed.
You can count on us.

We take care of everything as if it were our own

Our property management team is dedicated to just that – looking after your property, and has all the necessary resources in place to provide a committed service to your tenant, relieving you of the hassle of being a landlord and allowing you to focus on other priorities.

We work closely with owners of all sizes of estates, helping to efficiently manage their properties.
Property management is most useful to people who:

  • want to rent a property quickly,
  • have no time to check the tenant’s credibility,
  • have several properties,
  • are renting a house or flat for the first time,
  • do not want to waste time on settling utilities,
  • need trusted professionals to make repairs in the premises,
  • cannot supervise their premises directly

The key to success is to understand that being a property manager is different from being a real estate agent – or being a real estate investor.
As an investor, you should rent your property with an agent, but make sure that it is managed by a specialist.

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