Moving to Warsaw from another country

Warsaw residents warmly welcome newcomers from new countries who want to live in the capital of Poland. However, a foreigner who arrives in Warsaw, should be aware of the few things that will be necessary for him at the stage of planning moving to Poland. In this article, we’ll try to give some advices for people from other countries who are moving to Warsaw. Any foreigner going to Warsaw can feel safe here.

The capital’s community is accustomed to a different color of skin, style of living, dressing up – almost every young person in Warsaw communicate well in English (and the others know basics at least) and willingly give tips, for example those about finding a route or indicated place. In Warsaw, a large European capital, lives a lot of expats who fitted into the space of the city. Renting a 2-3 room apartment in Warsaw is a monthly cost of about 3000-4000 PLN. At this price, you can count on a good standard. In Warsaw the best (and the safest!) way to rent an apartment is by contacting the estate agency.

The international Warsaw environment will generate a lot of new friendships, also from the countries you come from – people have some kind of rituals, they meet every weekend in their favourite restaurat, cafe or pub. Integration and getting to know each other is easy because you can find yours compatriots easily via Facebook, what is more they often form communities or diaspora. Loneliness is definitely not a thing you should be afraid of. If you use the solid real estate agency’s service the advisers will certainly help you in choosing the right neighborhood according to your preferences, kindergarten for a child, the right location from where you will be able to get your workplace quickly and easily, because they know the city as their own pocket. It’s worth finding out anything about Poles’ customs before moving from another country. This will allow you to quickly get in touch with the place and people.

If you do not speak Polish, do not worry, because there are many courses for foreigners. Polish is commonly considered one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, but let’s not exaggerate. Schools such as Polish for Foreigners, Academia Polonica or Szkoła Języka Polskiego Together – they will allow you to quickly master the basics of the language which was spoken by Mikolaj Kopernik or Fryderyk Chopin. You also have to reckon with the higher costs of living in Warsaw, than in other parts of the country. It is not difficult to work here, and foreigners who are native speakers will easily find their job – it’s worth to say that many companies require English language as a main one used in the workplace. First, you have to contact the Office for Foreigners and check all your documents are fine. It takes a long time to legalize the stay, but it usually ends with success. You will also receive valuable information at the Office. Warsaw is a multicultural city that eagerly welcomes people of foreign origin, and these quickly integrate with the city and its residents. A special group settling in Warsaw are students, but this group receives support from the university. There are also many transport companies, which operate in the EU and help to transport valuable property, so you don’t need to worry about your favourite stuff – you can have everything in here, with you, and then you can feel like home. Welcome in Warsaw and enjoy its opportunities!