Costs of living in Warsaw

When you come to Warsaw to live and work here, probably you are there to consider the costs of staying in the capital of Poland. The first thing what you need to know is that Warsaw is very specific in terms of economics and expenses. Income per capita here is the highest in Poland, but also the cost of living will be higher than in other cities of the country. The most important question is how high are the rental costs? A good standard cavalier, it costs about PLN 2,000 per month, although often the rent is more expensive – it depends on their location and standard.

However, the cost of renting an apartment with three rooms starts from about 3,500 thousand zlotys, and it can be – if its location and standard are better – even 8 thousands. You will pay at least PLN 6,000 (5 rooms) or even 45 thousand for renting a house in or around Warsaw (area: about 700 sq m, 10 rooms and a plot). The prices are varied. A lot depends on the district in which you want to live. Śródmieście, Mokotów, Wola and Ochota will be the most expensive. The farther from the center, the lower the rental prices. In case of larger apartments, prices will be higher. You’ll probably also have to pay for gas, water and electricity supplies on your own – this should be counted to total costs. If you already have found an apartment, then let’s think about food. Ordinary shopping at the supermarket will cost more or less the same as in other regions of the country. A little difference is when you want to eat at a restaurant. Full dinner in promotional prices costs about 30 zlotys. The rule remains the same: closer to the center, the more expensive it is. You will pay around PLN 8 for a glass of beer in Bemowo, but in the Old Town even PLN 20. In Warsaw there are also many exquisite places where prices will be even higher.

If you invite friends to the restaurant in the center on Saturday evening, you should have at least a few hundred zlotys in your wallet. You will save by shopping food in large chain stores. You also have to move around the city. Warsaw is very well communicated. Travelling by public transport it is worth to supply a long-term ticket (a monthly ticket without discounts costs a little over PLN 100), which will entitle you to use all means communication. A one-time ticket (normal) costs PLN 4,40. If you are traveling by taxi, it costs about 1.20-1.50, although some companies will even pay 2.50 zlotys for kilometer. You can also rent a car for hours (most recently in Warsaw there are more and more companies doing this), and then in the cheapest version you will pay about 70 zlotys per day, although the prices are different. Remember that buying a fixed parking space is additional PLN 250 per month.

When we have equipped ourselves with basic things, it’s worth thinking about entertainment. A ticket to the cinema costs differently, depending on the day you want to watch showing. On Saturday evening you will pay up to PLN 40 for watching the film. In midweek – twice less. Going to the theater is an expense of about PLN 120 for one person. Sports enthusiasts will definitely want to take advantage of fitness clubs – the monthly pass will be approximately PLN 80. Weekend trips to the clubs in the center are quite expensive. Drinks prices range from 20 to 60 or more PLN. Listening to the concert of a well-known star in a large concert hall it will cost about 250 PLN. Let’s add that services such as a hairdresser’s visit are valued very differently – prices from 25 PLN up, depending on the reputation of the salon. Some hairdressing salons, the more renowned ones, will charge you for taking care of your hair up to PLN 300. Warsaw is a city of many possibilities.Lliving here is very comfortable, but for basic needs, entertainment and the necessary to buy things you have to pay more than in others Polish cities. For those who coming from Western Europe, these prices won’t be too high. However, they are growing in line with the trend of Warsaw’s people are getting rich.