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Pedro Barros

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Born in Portugal, Pedro moved to Poland (Warsaw) in 2011, upon graduating from university. He has already lived in 3 different European countries, so he perfectly understands the challenges faced by expats when moving to Warsaw. He finds the real estate industry attractive due to the constant interaction with various people, making every day at work different. He also finds satisfaction in assisting customers with the difficult task of finding a new home.


  • Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Polish


  • After graduating in Business Administration in Lisbon, he worked as an investment fund accountant (Citibank), where he developed the ability to focus his attention on details, to be orientated to customers’ needs and to meet deadlines
  • His previous experiences include language teaching, customer support and voluntary work


  • Loves sports – tennis and squash, as well as swimming in the morning (before work)
  • When it comes to literature, he prefers biographies
  • Discovering new places and flavors are also some of his favorite pastimes
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I would like to thank you for the professional service, quick reactions to changes and very nice atmosphere of cooperation.

It was a pleasure for us to work with you.

Dorota Kossak

I recommend working with Mr. Pedro Barros! A very reliable and helpful agent!

Piotr Kamiński

My offers

Apartment, 125m2, Portugalia – 1916/464/OMS
Albufeira, Faro 
125 m2
480 000 eur
Apartment, 126.3m2, Portugalia – 1915/464/OMS
Albufeira, Faro 
126.3 m2
515 000 eur
Apartment, 126.3m2, Portugalia – 1914/464/OMS
Albufeira, Faro 
126.3 m2
525 000 eur
Apartment, 124.9m2, Portugalia – 1913/464/OMS
Albufeira, Faro 
124.9 m2
475 000 eur
Apartment, 126.3m2, Portugalia – 1912/464/OMS
Albufeira, Faro 
126.3 m2
515 000 eur
Apartment, 82m2, Portugalia – 1903/464/OMS
Burgau, Vila do Bispo, Faro 
82 m2
378 000 eur
House, 147m2, Portugalia – 199/464/ODS
Sagres, Vila do Bispo, Faro 
147 m2
800 000 eur
House, 132m2, Portugalia – 198/464/ODS
Sagres, Vila do Bispo, Faro 
132 m2
450 000 eur
House, 158m2, Portugalia – 197/464/ODS
Sagres, Vila do Bispo, Faro 
158 m2
600 000 eur
Apartment, 51m2, Portugalia – 1902/464/OMS
Santo António, Lisboa 
51 m2
615 000 eur
Apartment, 37m2, Portugalia – 1901/464/OMS
Santo António, Lisboa 
37 m2
505 000 eur
Apartment, 77m2, Portugalia – 1900/464/OMS
Principe Real, Lisboa 
77 m2
740 800 eur