Borys Bobiński
Real Estate Advisor

Borys Bobiński

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Real Estate Advisor, real estate advisor on the Polish market today, investor in 3 european cities, graduate of the University of Lublin KUL in the field of Law and Administration. Privately and businessly associated with two countries (Poland and the United Kingdom) for almost 15 years.

What is important to me at work

  • The most important factor in the agent’s work is building trust and business relationships with the client.
  • In the first contact with the client, it is extremely difficult, or even impossible to achieve, but hard work, commitment, passion and, above all, efficiency , you can build relationships at the highest European level.

What am I best

The agent’s work is definitely different from the classic post.. My characteristics are flexibility, operability, entrepreneurship and availability, which require me to have an exemplary organization of time. In addition, innate communicativeness, courage and business creativity lead to effectiveness and results.

What experience can I boast

  • 10 years of experience in the uk real estate industry. Real estate investments, so-called flips, buy to let investments, primary and secondary market.
  • Between 2015 and 2019, about 20 signed ohms per month – hundreds of satisfied customers.

For what i am praised by customers and colleagues

Clients and colleagues praise me for their professionalism, commitment and effectiveness in action.


I love fast cars, I love sport and all kinds of physical activity.