Anna Soszyńska
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Anna Soszyńska

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My passion rises my commitment to what I do. If I start something, I do it 100%, fully devoting myself to it. My work is my passion and that is why I am a really lucky woman.


  • MA in Communication and PR, which is the art of achieving harmony with the environment using mutual agreements based on true and complete information.


  • I have many years of experience in customer service, in the market, and extensive knowledge
    of the mechanisms influencing business success.
  • Many years of cooperation with French construction companies allowed me to look at various industry issues from a different perspective. That encouraged me to constantly develop my competencies
    and interests.


  • I am an optimist.
  • I am happy not only to achieve my goals but also to go through the paths that leads to them.
  • I am open to life and never stop looking for new challenges.
  • Privately, I like to learn. In my free time, I experiment in the kitchen to find and create recipes
    for healthy dishes.
  • I like to travel because that opens my mind to new thoughts, allows me to distance myself
    from everyday matters, and enables deep relaxation.
  • My energy is my driving force and pushes me towards my goals.
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I had the pleasure of working with this agency, specifically with Ms. Anna Soszyńska. Ms. Ania is everything a real estate agent should be. Honest, very professional, punctual, she will answer all your questions and besides all that she is a very kind and caring woman. I am satisfied and recommend her one hundred percent.

Bartosz Bany